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Aren't we all overcosted vanilla creatures when you get down to it?

Hey there Squires!


Welcome back to another episode of Squire Cast! This week on SQ, we tackle another entry in our How to Build series with this episode on How to Build Ramp Decks. We go in depth on the various and varying methods that can make you tons of mana to cast on massive spells. Whether you’re looking to produce a big ass/ big ass creature, an enormous X spells or pump a bunch of mana into an ability, Ramp is an extremely powerful strategy, especially in multiplayer. So kick back, relax and enjoy your weekly dose of Squire Cast!










Our Weird Cards of the Week



Haze Frog

Invoke Prejudice



Our music this week


Title (Double Dragon) by Shnabubula

A New Beginning by CarboHydroM

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