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Hey there Squires!

Welcome back to another episode of Squire Cast! This week on Squire Cast, we look back at Theros Block and review the Indestructible Legendary Enchantment Creatures that dwell within! We put all 15 Gods to the test to see how powerful they are in casual games and especially as commanders. Whether you bow to Heliod and bless each harvest with Karametra’s name or always come equipped with an erase to deal with any pesky gods, we’ve got a monster of a show for you. And send us an email/tweet/facebook message/courier pigeon with your thoughts on our reveiws!











Our Weird Cards of the Week

Sengir Noseferatu

Harvest Mage

Raging River


Our music this week

Title (Double Dragon) by Shnabubula

A New Beginning by CarboHydroM


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