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Hey there Squires!

In week two of Battle for Zendikar Month, we dive back into Zendikar’s Intro decks to see what the block had going on at a very introductory level. In this crazy new land matters/adventure world block, what kind of intro decks were Wizards showing off to entice players? We each take one intro deck a cover Zendikar, Worldwake and Rise of the Eldrazi and somehow between 15 possible decks…we end up with two Blue/Green landfall decks. Enjoy!


Intro decks are an interesting and often pretty good way to start someone’s love affair with Magic. Did you start playing with one? Or did you skip them entirely? We want to hear about it, so hit us up at that contact information down below!







Our Weird Cards for the Week


Kashi-Tribe Elite


Boggart Forager


Aladdin’s Lamp


A list of all of Zendikar Intro decks



Our music this week


Title (Double Dragon) by Shnabubula

A New Beginning by CarboHydroM


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