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Hey there, Squires!


This week on Squire Cast we cover the princes of casual formats, Archenemy and Planechase where you get to shuffle up a deck of oversized cards, throw your conceptions of regular Magic to to the wind and put on your robe and wizard hat. We go in depth on both formats, offer tips to run your own games of them and what to do if you can’t track down any of those pesky oversized cards IRL and still want to play. Stay tuned as well for Matt mentioning quite a few times that next week is our one year anniversary. What?!! That’s crazy! Have we never mentioned this before? We aren’t even a little bit excited, not at all (seriously we have something cool planned, you’ll love it!)







Weird Cards for this Week




Serum Powder





Archenemy Schemes


Planeschase planes


Planeschase 2012 Planes


Planechase 2012 Phenomenons



Our music this week


Title (Double Dragon) by Shnabubula

A New Beginning by CarboHydroM


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