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Hey there, Squires!

This was a big week for us on Squire Cast and on this episode we got to hang out with Chewie and Mike from The Mana Pool! As these guys have been playing Magic for quite a bit longer than we have, so we took the opportunity to talk about some of the little slang terms that we use playing Magic. From bounce, blink, mulligan, and jank, to more obscure ones like “barn” or “Tims,” we dive deep in the odd little dictionary of terms Magic players have and try to figure out where they come from, what they mean, and why we use them.

If you have any slang terms of your own that you think we missed (and we do mean slang, not just nicknames your friends have for cards), be sure to email us at the contact information below!


Our Weird Cards for this week

Hornet Cannon


Order of the Sacred Torch

Sands of Time



Our music this week

Title (Double Dragon) by Shnabubula

A New Beginning by CarboHydroM


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