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Welcome to the ultimate edition of Staple Remover. This will be my final article for CommanderCast. If you were a fan of my articles it will most likely be bitter, and if you didn’t care for my writing it’ll be sweet! It’s been fun being a part of the crew here on CommanderCast first as the writer of Massive Art Attack and then for Staple Remover. If you have enjoyed my oddball decklists and discussion topics, please read on. This week I’ll be ranking my five favorite articles that I have contributed.


Time flies and it’s hard to believe I’ve written over 40 articles for this site.  I’ve gone ahead and compiled my top five favorite articles I have written for CommanderCast below.  Five good articles out of 40 is a solid 8% success rate, so I am going to toot my own horn about my writing and point out the good ones. If you haven’t had a chance to read some of these, hopefully you’ll dig in and find an old gem that you might have missed.

5. Monomania Part 5: Red: I wrote a 5 part series last year about designing a mono colored EDH deck for each of the five colors. Part five happens to be my favorite because it was a fun article to write and I think the deck looks like a blast to play. The list I designed for mono red was a Bosh artifact deck I deemed the “Michael Bay Super Action Deck.” If you like explosions and a questionable plot, this is the article for you.

4. Like a Boss: My favorite artist is John Avon, so Like a Boss was my Massive Art Attack tribute to him. This article even got a shout out on Mr. Avon’s Facebook page, which was a treat. One day I plan on collecting at least one of each of the cards that he has illustrated. In the meantime I enjoy perusing my favorite John Avon works that I have listed in this article.

3. The Time Vampire: This article was actually a two part series Part 1 | Part 2 but it was all about the same deck, the Time Vampire. Instead of drinking your blood, it drinks your turns (skipping your own turns that is). This article is a personal favorite of mine because the deck is pretty out there and despite that, I have heard from several readers that have actually built and played the list. I always meant to go back and do a follow up article where I tried to smooth out some of the rough edges from this list mailbag style, but it didn’t happen. Maybe one day I’ll actually build this thing myself and see where it takes me.

2. Proxies: A Wasted Opportunity: I think this might be the best written article I have done for CommanderCast. I was able lay out my case against using proxies clearly. More importantly I think it highlights one of my own personal philosophies about the format. That philosophy being that this format is wide open, you don’t need to constrain yourself to only the top 10% of all “staple” cards shared between decks. If you get one thing from my Staple Remover series I hope that it was the fact that EDH is a casual format, so you are freed from the burden of only being able to play the best of the best tournament cards. You can dive deep into the jank pool for a long soothing swim.

1. Deck Building Advice From Ernest Hemingway: When you take an amazing author/person and mix it with my favorite Magic format (EDH) you get my #1 favorite article. This article delves into removing solitary bombs from your deck and instead including cards that are going to have more synergy with your entire list. When playing Commander in many situations dropping one big spell might not always win you the game, but if you have several cards in play that are working together and constantly generating value you are often going to find yourself being one of the last players standing.

Well it’s time I get off my high horse talking about my best writing and finish off with my worst article:

Horses of Glass: This was my first ever article for Commandercast and it shows! It’s only a couple paragraphs long and relies a lot on a few pictures and a video to carry the whole thing. This definitely was not my best work, but hey I think there was some improvement along the way.

It has been an enjoyable ride writing for this site and I will miss sharing whacky ideas with the EDH community. Of course my writing would have all been pointless if it wasn’t for the awesome fans of CommanderCast reading my precarious stacks of words, trying my half-baked ideas and sending me feedback.  Without you readers I’m just trying to convince the vast frigid emptiness of the internet void to play Homarid Spawning Bed.  Trust me it’s much more fun to convince real people to try that.  Keep your decks creative and your secret tech janky, I’m out!

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