Dusters 12 – Salt Trucks

November 5, 2014

This entry is part 12 of 35 in the series Dusters

by Judson AKA GUDoug



Greetings everyone!  This week’s Dusters examines beginning of game etiquette and surely will start a new card altering craze in Commander.  As always I hope you enjoy the comic and feel free to follow on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter if you so choose.

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This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series Journey to Nowhere

Posted by Judson AKA GUDoug
GUDougRight around the time that I started playing EDH it seemed like the mesmerizing craft of card altering was starting to really take off.  It was either that or it was around this general point in time that I really started taking notice of the phenomenon.  Regardless, it was there and I was looking like a creepy Peeping Tom hanging out in trees waiting to catch a forbidden peek into another world.  Cards with the most amazing pictures on them were popping up all over the internet and two of my personally most watched venues were on the forums of MTGSalvation and MTGCommander (then just called Elder Dragon Highlander).  I was enamored by the artistry, cleverness, and pun-ish/inside humor of the art and I just wished that there was someway that I too could participate in it.  Eventually I found a way and I would like to make everyone feel like they can too by passing on my story as well as very accessible altering style. Read the rest of this entry »