Season 9 Contest

January 27, 2013

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Posted by William aka BlueRam

Normally we only have one seasonal contest here at Commandercast, but this year we’re putting up two! It’s both a flavor Vorthos kind of contest, and an art contest! Go ahead and hit the link to know more.




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By William aka BlueRam

Happy Holidays everybody. I know it might seem like your world is crashing down on you now that Andy’s gone, but does that mean that we’re through here at Commandercast?


I’m officially taking over the franchise now, and I’m sure everyone’s both surprised, upset, and ready to raise an angry mob over this, but I’m going to do the best I can to fill Andy’s solid gold kicks. Hopefully, though, I can give you a reason to check back in a few weeks when we launch the next season of Commandercast, as well as some general notes about this whole thing. I wish I could give you more, but those shoes don’t shine themselves.

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by Judson AKA GUDoug

GUDougHas it already been two weeks?  Time sure seems to fly by.  Let me find where I left off on Next Level Sharpie Alters Part 1.  Ah yes, here we go.  Our brave intrepid protagonist, myself, had journeyed to the depths of the Magic the Gathering  internet alteration cache and emerged triumphant schlepping a style of hodgepodge techniques cobbled together with bits and pieces of eraser crumbs, tape, and markers.  Unscathed and unfaltered by an onslaught of “Sexy Anime Chicks Presenting” on basic lands, I have returned to channel this amalgamated knowledge on to you like a conduit of the oracles.  What the hell am I talking about?  I am clearly a little too full of myself.  So enough of this BS mumbo jumbo nonsense,  let’s walk you through  how I alter a card and show you that ANYONE can do it.
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Posted by Judson AKA GUDoug
EDH as a format can be a tricky path to navigate.   It is a pseudo legitimate “casual” format acknowledged and pandered to by Wizards of the Coast, but also governed by an outside shadow syndicate that supports the use of a made up ban list of their own concoction that you can follow…or whatever.  The format encompasses cutthroat try hards, n00bs, constructed format washouts, casual players, casual elite, durdlers, herps, derps, and Christian Renoe.  With so many participants, each with there own interpretation of what fun is and how the game should be played, it can be hard to meet everyone’s grandiose delusional expectations of the format.  Nothing is ever going to fundamentally shift EDH into a fair format.  The best that anyone can hope is that everyone is at least somewhat playing on the same power level and enjoying the experience no matter how ruthless or sociable those decks may be.

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