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By Imshan AKA Sinis

Zendikar block saw a number of card cycles, the most prolific of which were the enchantments in the eponymous first set and Worldwake: the Ascensions, the Quests, and the Expeditions.  The Expeditions in the common slot are fairly lackluster; they do not have much impact on the game, except Khalni Heart Expedition, while the Quest cycle, in the uncommon slot had just as few dangerous ones, like Quest for the Goblin Lord which is arguably a staple in goblin decks (and is easily given gravity by Krenko, Mob Boss or Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician). The others, at least, had niche roles, like Quest for the Nihil Stone in discard-heavy decks, or Quest for Pure Flame in decks that like to really empty the guns.

The rare cycle from Zendikar, the Ascension cycle, contains three heavily played cards in EDH: Luminarch Ascension, which abuses the multiplayer nature of the format and generates extremely efficient and dangerous creatures, Beastmaster Ascension, which is a powerful Overrun-style effect, and Bloodchief Ascension, a card which triggers nearly all the time and creates an uphill battle for all opponents to contend with.  Pyromancer Ascension does not see much play in EDH; it’s too hard to activate (though it is possible), but it’s powerful enough to see in other formats.  That leaves Archmage Ascension, which is played almost nowhere.  Let’s fix that. Read the rest of this entry »