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Today is a special day folks. Today is the day that we come together to take on the momentous challenge that is, reviewing the Commander 2013 pre-constructed decks! But this task…there are so many cards! How can a lone pair of podcasters review the whole thing by themselves? Truth is, we can’t. Superman and Batman need some help here, and they know who the need to call. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to: The Commander Council.

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_n    Eric Bonvie. Comedian, Canadian, and all around hard-ass. His competitive meta has molded this once soft and vulnerable man into a sculpted god of competitive EDH.

ohlookapicture Brian. Known for thinking “outside the box” a little too often, he serves as Commandercast underworld informant, constantly keeping his head down and his ears even lower, catching every whiff of Commander news that crops up.

 Specializing in alternate arms dealing, Chris B. scours the dredges of forgotten wasteland, salvaging gems and gold mines alike from the garbage we’ve all left behind. Also a connoisseur of fine art which he may or may not have found among the garbage.

90x90 nole Nole Clauson acts as the Strategic Defenisve Coordinator for the team, locating key points of position and scrambling the troops as necessary. Only he knows where everyone is at all times.


Now that we’ve brought this team together, it’s time to dive into this sucker and rip it a new one. LET’S GET IT.


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