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In the Commander forums there is one subject that is brought up repeatedly: “The Spirit of Commander.”  The discussions revolve around how the game should be played and what makes it fun.   This discussion never gets resolved, and it never will.   The truth of the matter is everyone has a different view of what makes Commander fun.  Trying to make rules and pressure people into a certain style of play will never work.  Commander is not a sanctioned format, so people can just ignore the rules and play the way they see fit.  Others will follow the rules to the letter, but not to the intended spirit of the game.

If you really hate a certain type of deck, or certain style of play, you need to be prepared to hate it out of your play group.   On the most basic level, you can refuse to play with people who play a style of deck that you hate.  If you live in an area with a limited playgroup, this could lead to you having a hard time playing Commander.  If you really hate a strategy, you have another option.  You can build a deck that nullifies strategies you do not want to see played.  Today, I am going to be covering the cards that cripple some of the most hated Commander tactics.
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