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Hell everyone and welcome back for another season of COMMANDERCAST!!! To kick things off, we’re going to go back. Back to the beginning. We are going to talk about Beginners or for a better view, Is Commander a format made for people who have NEVER played Magic before!

This week we have Cassidy from General Damage Control on deck with us. We talk a little about God cards, Ajani, and then we go into the meat of the show! So sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for another season of your favorite Commander Based Podcast!!!






Ib Download


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Hello everyone out there! This week on the Spawning Pool, we’re trying something a little different. We wanted to know what would happen if you combined Eric, Calvin, two 6 packs of beer, a random Magic set, an open Commandercast studio, and some free time? Well, what we ended up with was The 6 Pack Set Review!!!


The realization looked a lot like this.


So if you’re into drunken Magic talk continue on! Also…. BYOB.




Rakdos the Clickable 



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