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Grandpa (Eric)

By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth


As far as title questions go, this one is pretty easy to answer. It’s just “yes,” right? We can go home now.


If you’re still reading past this point, I can only assume that you’re interested in a deeply philosophical discussion about Command Tower, including some truly unnecessary over-analysis of card design, creator-audience relationships, and the expectations of the Magic fandom.

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By Dodo Bird Commander






“Space Ballin'”
Simon’s Edric deck attacks from all angles and finishes with a flurry of combos.

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Posted by William & Calvin

He did it…that son of a gun actually went and got Adam Island-Punching  Styborski of DailyMTG’s “Command Tower”. Well slap me with a Mystic Remora, Calvin did it!

If you’ve never heard of him before, then I highly recommend you check out his vast array of articles covering Commander. This guy is part of the reason I was able to get into Commander as well as I did by providing great content for readers like me. In fact, he was the only guy I knew about way back when.

It was real great to have him on, talking about rival players (those guys you just HAVE to beat), using underplayed or obscure generals, and wrapping it all up with probably one of our most challenging entourages yet: Anthousa, Setessan Hero!

Anthousa, Setessan Hero


All this and more, after the Ib!



Ib Download



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