Season 9 Contest

January 27, 2013

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Posted by William aka BlueRam

Normally we only have one seasonal contest here at Commandercast, but this year we’re putting up two! It’s both a flavor Vorthos kind of contest, and an art contest! Go ahead and hit the link to know more.




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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
When I announced the first Season Five Contest, I wasn’t expecting a lot of entries because it required a pretty specific skill set. Only so many people know how to make music, let alone send it out into the intertron as an MPThrizzle. As a result, entries were few, but the quality of each was very high, and we ended up with a solid new Free-For-All Roundtable theme song. All was well, but I knew I wanted to do a second contest that would be a bit more accessible. I also know a lot of people out there love making cards, redesigning cards, and playing around with the game mechanics. So I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to do; I’d been thinking about this contest idea since Season Two and wasn’t sure when to drop it.

Well, when you have no other ideas, it’s always the right time to deploy anything you thought of earlier.

With the announcement of Season Five Contest Two, my e-mail account began to flood with entries, then tapered off to a trickle after time went on. I was pretty sure we’d settle around fifty entries, but in the last hours before the deadline, I got like twenty entries. It was a lot, when you consider every entry had at least five cards within (some had more!). A lot of these had an enormous amount of time put in and it was pretty obvious; we got hundreds of words in explanations of mechanical and flavour considerations for each card with some entries. Others had new custom art. The range of entries were so diverse, it was pretty tough to pick winners, so I certainly deferred to my homies. To pick winners, CommanderCast staffers Brionne, Max, and Justin helped me sift through these entries to pick a winner.

I want to thank them for this. It really was a lot of stuff to look over, and they even went ahead and sent me nicely-packaged explanations of why they choose the entries that they liked to win. You’ll be able to read those below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
At the end of Season 4, I announced a contest that would run across the gap between Season 4 and Season 5. This was the Battle of the Bands. Since I had planned to flip all the music on CommanderCast into stuff that fell into the Creative Commons liscence, I needed something to replace the iconic Star Trek Fight to the Death music used in the Free-For-All Roundtable segment since it’s inception. While this was deeply saddening, it also created an interesting opportunity for a contest. I didn’t know how much of the CommanderCast audience was musically inclined, but I figured it probably wouldn’t get me killed to throw the idea out there.

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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Leaving nothing to luck, S5E2 has brought Sean McKeown back on deck along with two other Godo players to ensure we cover the Bandit Warlord’s thug thizzle adequately. Byron and Carlos have both also played everyone’s favourite shirtless yak-riding Commander extensively, while I contribute little if anything as usual. Welcome to CommanderCast.

However, don’t assume we’ve got an whole episode riding on Godo’s yak-piloting capabilities. You know we’re on deck with a variety of subjects as usual; how we’d change the banned list (and what we like on it), some legendary creatures who are great team players, and the second Warhorses segment. This week’s episode is brought to you by General Damage Control, from whom I stole a segment idea. Thanks Cassidy, please don’t beat me up (he looks WAY bigger than me!). Do yourself a favour and check his site out.

And do keep in mind that our Season 5 Contest is in progress. If you have any musical capabilities (this includes yelling into a microphone), then don’t miss your chance to win some of that sweet, sweet pimpness only Derfington can provide.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.

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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This was a week full of surprises. I mean, not really in the context of content production. I generally have to read the articles posted here, and listen to the podcast a MIND-BENDING three times before it’s released (trust me, it’s not nearly as exciting after the second time). But what was surprising was the overwhelming positive response to Gifts Given, which I will honestly say I was worried would just be annoying to a lot of people. Instead, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the curtain pulled back, revealing a huge swath of CommanderCast listeners who are a secret cabal of super-ballers with charitable inclinations. This is, in case you’re wondering, the greatest kind of shadowy cabal to discover lurking in the depths of any community. So, thanks to everyone who helped make the first week of the charity drive a outrageous success. Is this momentum sustainable? I doubt it, since I honestly can’t imagine something topping this week, but you never know.

Speaking of Gifts Given, check back this Sunday for the first video with the raffle giveaways and some other random prizes. Be advised: Ghettovision™ production values will be engaged.

Anyway, here’s the stuff for this week.



Circle of Judgment Season 3

September 7, 2011

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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS

Here you can check out the Circle of Judgment for our Season Three contest, the Sharpie Alter inferno!

For more on the Season Three contest, check out the rules and results!