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Hello Commandercast Faithful, true believers, and everything right with the internet! This week, I’m trying out my hand putting in a sequencial transition. It’s a mystery wrapped in a burrito, wrapped in darkness. Can you figure out what we’re talking about in between segments (hint: It should be fairly obvious)?


Oh, and I guess we’re actually going to spend some time talking about Commander too, with the return of “Deck Archetype Rundown” and “The Entourage”.

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By William aka BlueRam

Thanks for all of the support, guys! It seems like everyone took the first episode pretty well, and that’s super encouraging! I’ll admit that the next two episodes are locked in, so I won’t be able to get any of your feedback worked into my presentation until episode four, but until then I think you’ll like what we’ve got to share.


This week, I decided to recruit some vets in the podcasting business from our affiliate at Off Color Cast in the form of Calvin, Cassidy, and Christian, Luis, NO ONE ELSE. The junk will fly and babies will cry when these mad men get together to talk about a children’s card game, so ask yourself one thing: Is your body ready for this?

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SwordsToPlow aka Sean Tryhard Patchen

Happy Holidays

Welcome to a very special weekend update. We didn’t want to interrupt your usual useful content with something like this.  It has been proven people are less likely to complain when new material doesn’t interfere with their normal schedule.  As a thanks to you, the faithful CommanderCast audience and as a avenue for self promotion for myself, I bring you something new to listen too.

I would like to introduce the new Commander podcast on the block, Serious Tryhard Podcast. STP takes a drastically different approach to the Commander podcasting format. STP has one host and one editor who will occasionally chime in.  The casts are short and far from sweet.  Settling in with episodes only 20 minutes in length, this is the sitcom of the Commander world.

STP focusing almost entirely on either on satirical rants or on technology segments.  OCC and Commandercast cover social issues in the format, while STP has decided to focus on making a better decks.  You can see the latest episodes every week starting the beginning of 2013 at Read the rest of this entry »

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Group Hug is like an uncle that wants to give you a backrub. You know he isn’t doing it for your good.  Wizards decided it wanted to include one creepy uncle as part of the Commander precon series, Political PuppetsPolitical Puppets was a big steaming pile of terrible.  If it wasn’t for Fluster Storm and Chaos Warp, these would still be on the shelf.  Players would have been willing to just buy the singles online and build around the new legends.  Today’s article is for those of you who accidentally bought this precon and want to try and salvage it into something that you don’t feel embarrassed to play.

I realize that I am biased in the direction of throwing this heap in the fire and just building a new Commander deck, so I got some help from Uriah over at CMDRdecks.  Uriah has the distinction of playing the first Zedruu deck I have ever seen win a game of Commander.  Today we will be covering $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 upgrades to a Zedruu based Political Puppets deck.  Hopefully we can save you from the embarrassment of playing the stock list or just give you ideas on how to build your own Zedruu deck.
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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
CommanderCast is no longer the only Commander-centric podcast running. We now have a brother podcast in Off-Color Cast, a trio of manliness dedicated to showcasing the “serious, the aggressive, and the awesome” of the EDH format. This week I’ve invited all three thugs from OCC onto CommanderCast for a dirty crossover episode that you really can’t afford to miss.

This episode was one of trials and tribulations, not because of technical problems I’ve come to accept are the new norm but rather because we spent about three hours recording. The conversation was veering wildly across the barren wasteland of our collective minds, occasionally crashing into things like a ghost breaking into my house, Calvin’s enormous anatomy, and much more. But still, we powered through and created a reasonably coherent episode, which I think is praise-worthy.

The Season 5 Contest is still a thing that is happening and you can enter it.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.

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Good people sometimes do bad things.  It’s a fundamental truth in the world we live in, and it carries over completely intact into Commander.  We can argue with each other until we’re all blue in the face on every Magic forum that graces the Internet about how to play this format “correctly” – What cards are unacceptable in a casual environment, which combos are too evil for the regular Wednesday night EDH game, or what generals are too strong and unbalanced to possibly be “fun”.  We can discuss ad nauseum the fact that Kokusho, The Evening Star is unfairly banned while miscreants like Primeval Titan and Consecrated Sphinx are still allowed to roam free.  (For the record, people…there’s a large difference between something that builds a board position, and something that Exsanguinates everyone at once, but there’s a far bigger difference between a one-of in your list of ninety-nine, and your general.  If the Titan or Sphinx were legendary, they’d be ban-worthy for the ease of recursion, and if Kokusho wasn’t legendary, he’d be played widely right now.)

We all like to believe that we’re doing the “right” thing, whatever that is.  That we all value promoting fun over all else.  And I’m sure that’s true, too.  But once in a while, everyone likes to let down their hair.  It’s awfully hard to pass up Blightsteel Colossus or Ulamog with that Bribery, despite swearing up and down that poison and annihilator mechanics aren’t fun to deal with.  (“Hey…he put it in the deck…it’s not my fault!”)  It’s really tough to avoid targeting the Sundering Titan your opponent has in his yard with the Beacon Of Unrest you just ripped, when you know it will seal the win for you.

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