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~ Friday Flashback Haiku

Gifts Given auctions continue. If you have disposable income, like cards, and think giving money to charity is swell, the three things finally intersect with these auctions. Bid high, feed your consumerist desires and be morally better than others around you all in one stroke.

Also, do investigate the new YouTube portal and Facebook page.


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Greetings, CommanderCast audience! This is Cassidy Silver, bringing another article for your sensory delight. Now, article may actually be the wrong word for what I will present in just a few short paragraphs; really, all I am going to do is present the collected words of respected EDH gurus, (and me as the ‘pity cc’ in the email chain).

It all began on November 8th, 2011, when I received an email from CommanderCast’s Andy. This by itself is not that unusual – we frequently email about all sorts of shit – but this email was a little different. It was entitled: ‘Calling All Certified Beasts’, and it wasn’t just addressed to me. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bruce represents one-third of the Muse Vessel’s collective power. You can hear his fatherly voice on S2E11. Over on the Vessel, Bruce’s expertise is anything casual and multiplayer, with a huge depth of knowledge and experience around traditional 60×4 multiplayer games. You can find his complete works compiled here.

Commandercast’s loyal listeners/readers are, by and large, all experienced EDH players.  All of you have a playgroup or two (or more!) that you get together with on a regular basis to get your fix of Commander.  Some of you have probably ventured into the wild world of online Commander.  You are the established players who have played long enough to know your local metagame and have a pretty good idea what to do about it.

I am not you.  I have played Commander, but only in a very limited environment, and not many games.  While I keep meaning to build more decks, I still have only one deck, and to be honest, playing Sedris isn’t all that interesting right now.  I am still a new Commander player.

As a new Commander player, I have a unique position with all of you, in that I still remember what a daunting task Commander can be.  It is from that point of view that I present the Top 10 Things that Frighten New Commander Players. Read the rest of this entry »

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We had our first glitch with Crossover Month this week as sadly, something happened and Jack LaCroix was unable to join us for the podcast. However, knowing there was an emergency afoot, I picked up the red Podcast Phone next to my computer, which is a direct line to Chris Lansdell. Within seconds he was prepared to cast. Ladies and gentleman, this guy is the DEFINITION of hustle. I do think he filled the role admirably as well, especially for having only like ten minutes to get ready. Also joining us this week is Matthew, aka MistveilPlains, providing us with his own brand of commentary as he steps out of the YouTube game and into the podcast scene for the first time.

Gifts Given now has an end in sight. Auctions will begin shortly. Baller-ass merchandise will be sold, and monies will end up in the coffers of Child’s Play. In the end, we all win. If you want to help out, you need to put some spring in your step and do it now.

This is also the last podcast in crossover month. To all involved; we win. Thanks for the help. It’s been pretty awesome.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.

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So many links… so super tired. Click away fiends.

Next week’s episode of CommanderCast has also taken a twist: Jack LaCroix, scheduled to appear, couldn’t make it. I tagged in my man Chris Lansdell, who seems to be ready to podcast at a moment’s notice. I am probably going to wire a red phone up in his place just in case this happens again. We also had the pleasure of hosting Matthew, aka MistVeilPlains, for the final episode of Crossover Month in podcasting. Get yours next Monday!

Another thing… the Call-In episode is booked! Great ready for another exciting super-roundtable. Nine guests moderated by myself and Donovan (probably, haha) in a blitz of ten-minute topics… coming in just over a week. It’s going to be a straight up beast of an episode no doubt.

Finally, Gifts Given is wrapping up (SICK PUNZ)… well, the donor phase, anyway. Wanted to send something in? Do it now, son!


CMDRDecks: Niles’ Iname, Death Aspect deck

CMDRDecks: Shawn’s Ob Nixilis, the Fallen deck


Courtesy of Gu Doug

Magical Good Old Times

November 25, 2011

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Dominik is the administrator of Completely Casual, one of the first CommanderCast affiliate sites and author of such classics as Trading In The Smartphone Age and Announcing… From the Vault: Hot Chicks. If anybody can be considered a ‘hardcore casual’, then Dominik would be the posterchild for the demographic. For more of his material, head over to where you’ll find not just his own works, but articles and videos from other contributors as well.

“In the past, even the future was better!” At least that is what Bavarian comedian Karl Valentin said. So obviously MtG: Commander, or better Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), should have been a better format in the good old days, too. You know, those times when EDH was just this quirky format those crazy Judges where playing after the real tournament had ended. In a time before they even invented the Internet for netdecking. A time where you were on your own. Out in the wild. A time where you did not have to worry about the Erayo, Soratami Ascendant-Prison-Lock-Deck. A more moderate, slower, more peaceful time. A time when Urza and Mishra where still fighting arms deep in clockwork-creatures (like Clockwork Horse) to find out who was boss. An age when terms like Voltron-Decks, Douchbaggery or Group-Hug had not been coined. Read the rest of this entry »