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By William aka BlueRam

“It is not a goal, but a process—the process of creating the perfect Phyrexia.”

-Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur

I get plenty of emails from my readers asking me how to make flavorful decks. Of course when I  say “plenty”, I really mean one guy who asked me for my opinion on a deck he was trying to throw together. Unfortunately, with a full-time job and a full-time school schedule, I haven’t been able to get back to that guy with proper input, and I’m definitely not sending a half-assed one (but I WILL get back you as soon as I can). So for now, I’m going to give some general advice about how I go about building my decks and how I pick cards to cut and such.

Last week I gave a you a narrative about the “contract” that I made with Damia, as well as the general basis for the deck that I made for her. The overall theme that I was going for was that of “knowledge is the ultimate power”, and I supported that theme with cards that were built around Omniscience, like extra draw effects and ramp effects to hard cast it.

But unlike the story where I walk off the plane with a plan already laid out, the actual process is just that, a process. Today, I’m going to break down how I went about making the deck and provide some more insight to my own personal deck building strategy. It also gives me a chance to draw some comparisons with the narrative to help those who don’t quite get what I was trying to say.

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“But Farmer Hogget knew that little ideas…that tickled and nagged and refused to go away…should never be ignored…for in them, lie the seeds of destiny.”
-Babe (1995)

Warning: Exceptionally long narrative ahead.

Magic cards are funny things. Grab any two and they can cause a spark of the imagination. Fan that spark a little and it grows. Fan that flame enough and it could grow out of control into a full-fledged wild fire. This is what we call, “inspiration and enlightenment”.

While I once shared a story about how Baroness Teysa, Orzhov Scion convinced me to grant her an army of the undead, her power came from a long line of decisions and experiences that almost became its own legacy. Not all such stories start from such a long time ago, and not all stories feature the same trials. They may not even share the same setting. But the more things are different, the more the stay the same.

This is one such story. It’s the story of how a certain wizard inspired me to give a controversial enchantment another look. She wasn’t strong, but she was powerful. Her wisdom and vast wealth of knowledge would lead to one of my greatest endeavors ever…

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