By Dodo Bird Commander writer Josh Jurgensen

Howdy, readers! If your summer has been anything like mine has been, it’s flown by far too quickly. We had a bunch of great gems come our way in Origins and that’s a problem – because now I need to make seemingly-impossible cuts to my decks.  To add to the frustration, we’ve just got our first sneak peek into Battle for Zendikar – and I’m worried that it might completely upend my beloved Karn deck. Speaking of artifact-y goodness, I got an underutilized, overlooked classic for us to talk about this week:


SFE 4 title


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Posted By William aka BlueRam

Cyber Space…the final frontier. These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Commandercast. They’re ongoing mission: to seek out new games and to boldly go where no scrub has gone before!


Starring: William as Capt. Jean Sparrow Ahab, Christian as Counselor Troi, and special guest star: Tom of MTGradio!


This week, we’re exploring the wide frontier of Magic The Gathering: Online! Yes, I know there are lots of people upset that Cockatrice is down (unless you know where their back-up servers are), but that doesn’t mean that Wizards is a horrible company out to crush all of the so-called “competition”.


…..or, at least everyone outside of Hasbro’s legal department.

As always, shownotes, links, and download link are below.




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By William aka BlueRam

“It is not a goal, but a process—the process of creating the perfect Phyrexia.”

-Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur

I get plenty of emails from my readers asking me how to make flavorful decks. Of course when I  say “plenty”, I really mean one guy who asked me for my opinion on a deck he was trying to throw together. Unfortunately, with a full-time job and a full-time school schedule, I haven’t been able to get back to that guy with proper input, and I’m definitely not sending a half-assed one (but I WILL get back you as soon as I can). So for now, I’m going to give some general advice about how I go about building my decks and how I pick cards to cut and such.

Last week I gave a you a narrative about the “contract” that I made with Damia, as well as the general basis for the deck that I made for her. The overall theme that I was going for was that of “knowledge is the ultimate power”, and I supported that theme with cards that were built around Omniscience, like extra draw effects and ramp effects to hard cast it.

But unlike the story where I walk off the plane with a plan already laid out, the actual process is just that, a process. Today, I’m going to break down how I went about making the deck and provide some more insight to my own personal deck building strategy. It also gives me a chance to draw some comparisons with the narrative to help those who don’t quite get what I was trying to say.

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By William aka BlueRam

“An advisor once asked the Western Paladin how much gold would be enough. “I have no need of fools who can imagine ‘enough,'” he told the advisor’s corpse.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a problem. Not a problem with the game mind you, but a personal one that the game enables. I have an addiction, and it’s really been digging into the time that I need for other things. School, sleep, even writing the actual Commandercast articles.

Even when I’m actually getting work done, all I can think about is the next time I’m going to do it. I get crazy thoughts, and delusional fantasies start playing over and over. Lord knows how much my wallet’s taken the hit for it. I was able to pay for college this semester, but sometimes I worry that won’t be the case if this keeps up.

Yes, I have an addiction to deck building. I know I’m not the only one either. Andy’s got his fair share of decks, and I’m sure that plenty of you have more decks than you can plan in a single night.

It’s all well and good, and nobody should slight you for it. But are all of those decks doing more harm than good?
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