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The Trinisphere, where Timmy, Johnny, and Spike battle over all things EDH.

Watch us try out Planeswalkers as Commanders!

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By Dodo Bird Commander






“Space Ballin'”
Simon’s Edric deck attacks from all angles and finishes with a flurry of combos.

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 Posted by ‘BRIONNE’ aka ‘FORK OF DOOM’

Today’s episode of Commanding on a Budget features Karston’s Stonebrow, Krosan Hero deck. It was in a game play on the channel and since then we’ve received a lot of requests to do a deck tech for it.

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Posted by ‘KARSTON’ aka ‘TOPANDGO’

Its Wednesday again, and that means its time to tackle another deck on The Other 99.  Today we take a look at a deck submitted by a viewer named Chris Hawkins and featuring a green and white vanilla creature from Legends — Jasmine Boreal.  Ms. Boreal doesn’t even break even with her converted mana cost of 5 as a 4/5, so what the heck is this deck about?  Well the deck is certainly not a combo deck disguised with a vanilla general.  No, it is actually a theme deck.

What is that theme?  As Chris put it, imagine Jasmine as the princess in a castle, and you, the pilot of this deck, are the people trying to keep her from being rescued by Prince Charming… or Mario.  Therefore this deck plays a heavy turtle and life gain strategy in order to weather out a game until you are able to find a card and win with it.  This opens the deck up to some pretty interesting card choices, including getting to play a fairly underplayed creature type in Commander: Walls.

Another great thing about this deck is that unlike a lot of theme decks, this deck really does a great job of being both a theme deck and a good deck.  Most theme decks that I have seen have compromised playing strong cards with cards that are flavorful and fit the theme.  When building these decks, it can be very hard to strike that balance, but I think that Chris did a pretty good job doing so when he built this deck.


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Posted by ‘KARSTON’ aka ‘TOPANDGO’

Hey everybody and thanks for watching another episode of The Other 99.  Today we tackle some mono-black goodness in the form of a Seizan, Perverter of Truth deck.  Now most mono-black decks that I have seen and played against have been pretty boring, featuring some variation of an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers ramp plan into a massive “X mana” spell, such as Exsanguinate.

This deck actually does run all three of the aforementioned cards, bu this deck’s strategy is completely different.  This deck plays with an archetype that I think may be a little bit underestimated in Commander: Pressure.  Ever have games that just seem to drag on forever, or have playgroups filled with control decks that stall the game?  Well pressure decks exist to speed up games by putting every player at the table on a clock that they either have to outrace or lose.  Sometimes this means that the pilot of the pressure deck ends up losing to his own clock, but the deck is usually built to try to bolster the its defenses against itself.

I personally think that this archetype deserves a little bit more love.  I personally have built a Zo-Zu, the Punisher pressure deck that I feel is a ton of fun to play.  Have you built a pressure deck of your own?