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By William aka BlueRam

When you’re a beginner, there are cards that can be scary to play against. Some can leave a lasting impression on how you play the game. They can awe and inspire you to do things you’ve never done before.

As I begin a new season here at Commandercast, I’m reminded of how our experiences shape who we are and how we do the things we do. Of course, playing Magic fits into this like a hand and glove.

I was just a newbie when I started playing Commander. My scope of what the multiverse held was limited to what was found in Zendikar, and what were the beginnings of Mirrodin’s impending war.

In those days, Rith, the Awakener was my only general, and I was having fun playing one-on-one games against a friend and his Reaper King deck. When I eventually got Kaailia’s pre-con, I had a pair of decks that used big creatures and were very aggressive. To me, that was the only way to play.

Later that summer, I made a good friend (henceforth referred to as “Gary”) during the M12 pre-release, and got invited play Commander at his apartment the week after. I went over with my wide-eyed youth and a deck full of creatures that were bigger than life itself.

When our group finally sat down to play, I looked over curiously at Gary’s general. There were still tons of cards I hadn’t seen before, and Merieke Ri Berit was one of them. I asked if I could read the card. When I had, I knew I wasn’t going to like where the game was going.

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