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378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_n“Phew, just in time,” Drake sighed as he resolved his Phantasmal Image.

Sully looked down at his Sigarda, Host of Herons and shrugged. He separated her from the Sword of Fire and Ice she had been equipped with and dropped her back into his command zone. It was going to be a few turns before he could recast her.

“See?” Drake asked. “This is what I’m talking about. The new legend rule change that’s coming is goddamn stupid.”

“The new legend rule is fine, kid. Don’t be such a whiner,” Sully smirked at him as he took another drag from his cigar.

“Oh really?” Drake replied, waving his hand back and forth to clear the smoke. “And exactly how else do you propose you deal with Sigarda? How would the great and wise Victor Sullivan handle such a lady?”

“You forgot noble and handsome,” Sully remarked. Then he smirked and emphasized, “Especially handsome.”

“I get it, you love yourself!” Drake laughed. “But you didn’t answer my question.”

“Well kid, I can think of a few ways to handle a lady like Sigarda. But I’ll tell you one thing,” Sully said as he picked up his general and pointedly showed Drake the colour symbols in the top right corner of the card. “In these colours, I’m sure as hell not gonna be cloning her.”

"You've got to show some class when your wooing a lady who's got wings. Also a giant sickle, that's pretty good motivation to stay classy."

“You’ve got to show some class when you’re wooing a lady who’s got wings. Also a giant sickle, that’s pretty good motivation to stay classy.”

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¬†Hey everybody! Brionne’s power went out down south, so on her behalf I’m posting her video for the week. Okay, it technically came out LAST week, but that’s my fault that the schedule is like this. Not sure what this means for Karston’s video, but they’ll both be back soon enough. In the mean time, please enjoy this Geist of Saint Traft deck. It was built for one-on-one games, but works alright in multiplayer too.


One note though, Geist himself is anything BUT budget. HOWEVER, this does not, nor should it, impeded a player from trying to make a deck around him or Brionne from covering videos with him. You never know, you might just get lucky when you crack open your next pack.



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