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Posted By William aka BlueRam

Cyber Space…the final frontier. These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Commandercast. They’re ongoing mission: to seek out new games and to boldly go where no scrub has gone before!


Starring: William as Capt. Jean Sparrow Ahab, Christian as Counselor Troi, and special guest star: Tom of MTGradio!


This week, we’re exploring the wide frontier of Magic The Gathering: Online! Yes, I know there are lots of people upset that Cockatrice is down (unless you know where their back-up servers are), but that doesn’t mean that Wizards is a horrible company out to crush all of the so-called “competition”.


…..or, at least everyone outside of Hasbro’s legal department.

As always, shownotes, links, and download link are below.




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SwordsToPlow aka Sean Tryhard Patchen

Happy Holidays

Welcome to a very special weekend update. We didn’t want to interrupt your usual useful content with something like this.  It has been proven people are less likely to complain when new material doesn’t interfere with their normal schedule.  As a thanks to you, the faithful CommanderCast audience and as a avenue for self promotion for myself, I bring you something new to listen too.

I would like to introduce the new Commander podcast on the block, Serious Tryhard Podcast. STP takes a drastically different approach to the Commander podcasting format. STP has one host and one editor who will occasionally chime in.  The casts are short and far from sweet.  Settling in with episodes only 20 minutes in length, this is the sitcom of the Commander world.

STP focusing almost entirely on either on satirical rants or on technology segments.  OCC and Commandercast cover social issues in the format, while STP has decided to focus on making a better decks.  You can see the latest episodes every week starting the beginning of 2013 at Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Well, we recorded this like a week before Griselbrand got banned so a lot of the bitching in the one segment doesn’t seem terribly current today. But that’s ok, because the rest of the episode should still be good. It’s like the ultimate too-slow news outlet: COMMANDERCAST. Just pretend things are in the state they were like four weeks ago and I’m sure you’ll be nodding with approval.

But aside from that segment, this episode contains two epic-sized joints. Make sure you’ve hit the washroom prior to listening (or listen in there, I don’t even give a shit [oh no sick pun]), because there’s so much information it’s possible you’ll have to jettison weight elsewhere to retain it. Myself, Donovan, Carlos and Scotty Mac deliver some club bangers this week. I’m referring to our Commander Profile on Child of Alara (again, a general everyone on the show has played extensively but me), where we look at it from all kinds of angles and builds, followed by an exhaustive hands-on review of Innistrad. By exhaustive, I mean it’s like 45 minutes. Which cards did we love, and which were stinkers? How about the new Legends? Which of the new cards can be called staples?

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.

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by Judson AKA GUDoug

GUDougHas it already been two weeks?  Time sure seems to fly by.  Let me find where I left off on Next Level Sharpie Alters Part 1.  Ah yes, here we go.  Our brave intrepid protagonist, myself, had journeyed to the depths of the Magic the Gathering  internet alteration cache and emerged triumphant schlepping a style of hodgepodge techniques cobbled together with bits and pieces of eraser crumbs, tape, and markers.  Unscathed and unfaltered by an onslaught of “Sexy Anime Chicks Presenting” on basic lands, I have returned to channel this amalgamated knowledge on to you like a conduit of the oracles.  What the hell am I talking about?  I am clearly a little too full of myself.  So enough of this BS mumbo jumbo nonsense,  let’s walk you through  how I alter a card and show you that ANYONE can do it.
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i wannt shark
lol we got him again

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The multiverse is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to your local game shop, but that’s just peanuts to the multiverse, listen…

When you consider that we’ve already visited a multitude of planes, from the cold desolate nights of Rabiah’s desert to the humid jungles of Naya, you realise that we’ve only seen a handful of the worlds that are out there. There are, literally, multiple planes that still need to be discovered out there, and others that have only been touched upon. But there are also previous planes that are begging to be acknowledged; that we were there and have witnessed their world’s glory.

If only there were a way we could revisit our favorite planes…

I mean BESIDES creating a new set for standard.

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