Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Hey y’all, it’s your least-favourite suburban thug Andy back up in this bitch. This week I’m not going to preach to you about how I think your decks are rubbish if you don’t gimp yourself or anything, I promise. It’s not going to contain a lot of pictures of my crotch-thrusting or even a whole lot of yelling, which is all the stuff you’re no doubt accustomed to getting from me. I’d like to address some items that aren’t really directly related to slinging cardboard at all, which is how I think we (and don’t even front on it, it was a total ‘we’ moment) ended up in CommanderCast’s finest hour.

No, not this (though it was… something).

I’m referring, of course, to the Gifts Given charity auctions where given the combined efforts of your overwhelming generosity and some footwook on the part of this particular goon, we managed to raise about $4000 for Child’s Play. They’re my favourite charity for various reasons, but it seems either they were also a favourite of yours or you guys just love to give things away. In any case, the success of this event was also a great personal revelation for me.

You know how you hear a lot of people, myself included, occasionally throw out some throwaway remark about Magic players being a bunch of neckbeards? Or when you see all the back-biting bullshit about how the ‘Magic community’ is so terrible? Maybe this isn’t the same ‘Magic community’ full of stinky nerds that raised a giant stack of money for charity on pretty much entirely good will, or something, but I have my doubts. It goes to show that when we aren’t arguing about the cards we haven’t played with yet or trying to juice an extra $0.13 in value out of a trade (sorry), a lot of us Magic playing neckbeards are a pretty rad bunch.

I’m fortunate to have y’all be interested in listening to my gibberish, and even luckier to have a lot of you guys join up for the CommanderCast Goon Squad (still fully unpaid other than in e-friendship!). I’ve had the good fortune to interact with a lot of CommanderCast’s audience in person between various conventions, Magic events, and personal travels and pretty much all you people have been real Gs for real, so excuse me if I seem to have rose-coloured glasses on this topic but I have to stress we have a really awesome audience. The whole Gifts Given thing just really put it on display on our admittedly small stage.

Well, I hope you guys are willing to commit to being awesome again this year. Read the rest of this entry »