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Every once in a while, our schedule is going to get a little…changed around. If you listened to last week’s show with Bennie Smith of SCG then you heard a show that was recorded AFTER this one. We go over the final guild in our Return to Ravnica Review: Golgari! Just what did the masters of life and death bring us this time around besides a new all-format star in Deathrite Shaman? We’ve brought our last Commandercast writer Brian on to go into it.

In keeping with the Golgari theme, we also talk about things that creep us out (it’s spiders for me, personally) but some good discussion comes out of recursion. Yes, it’s great in Commander to have recursion, but do you rely on it too much? I honestly can’t remember so I think I’ll be listening to this right along with you! Not only that, but the Golgari do a great job of providing for the poor and downtrodden of Ravnica, providing free food to those who need it. You can help by donating to Gifts Given 2013~! Check out the link, as well as the shownotes after the Ib.



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