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by Judson AKA GUDoug

GUDougDo you ever get that urge to build a theme deck?  But not just a gimmicky theme deck but like a THEME DECK?  Like if you were old like me, and still get all your slang from late 80’s to early 90’s Beastie Boys albums, you would say to yourself, “Self!  Let’s build the illest theme deck there ever was!”  Yeah me too, I knew you would sympathize.  So I guess now all there is left to do is just figure out how to build the illest theme deck there ever was and then throw it together.  Simple right?  First thing that you got to do is come up with a unifying idea of what you want to build your deck around and then it pretty much just builds itself and you are done.  It is pretty easy.  Like child’s play even.  I got a thousand ideas up in the old noggin  like…um…uh…ummmm…well let us just collectively brainstorm for a few seconds, maybe better give yourself a couple minutes, and then we shall regroup with our ideas to build the illest theme deck there ever was. Read the rest of this entry »