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By Billy


Legends tell of a goblin of unusual intellect. One who rose through the goblin ranks during Dominaria’s Ice Age. Invaluable to Goblin Chieftains of his era, he built armies that made them Goblin Kings. Innovator of brilliant new tactics like “Don’t look at it! Maybe it’ll go away!” and “It’s the pokey bits that hurt the most,” he is perhaps best known for the brilliant gambit of “Everybody but me-CHARGE!” He is. . . Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician, and he has come to your kingdom on a Quest for the Goblin Lord!


Hello, and welcome to Notions of Horde! Today we are taking a look at a much beloved tribe, and giving them the Horde Treatment: Goblins! Goblins have been competitive decks in many eras of Standard, Legacy, old Extended, and almost Modern! We’ll see how well that translates to our beloved Horde format, but I expect good things.

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