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“You suck, your deck sucks, and your face sucks.” Jack fumed as his opponent’s general ticked his poison counters up to ten.

“Maybe a slight overreaction?” Jill responded coolly as she picked up her Skithiryx deck.

“No it’s not, poison is cheap. You should knock my life total down the legitimate way.”

“Really?” Jill said, giving a pointed and skeptical look at Jack’s general. He had opened the foil Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice during the Return to Ravnica prerelease, and quickly built a powerful life gain deck around the card. It was not uncommon for Jack to end up with a life total that broke triple digits.

“Fine, fair point.” Jack conceded. “But there are alternatives.You can always just kill me with general damage!”

Jill just smirked and replied “I did.”

"Nobody wants to play with me!"

“Nobody wants to play with me!”

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