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Hello Commandercast staple listeners! If you’re like being tricky, sneaky, and stabbing your foes while their back is turned, then you’ll just love today’s Dimir episode!

Wait….I could’ve sworn it said Dimir on the schedule. How’d we switch to Gruul? ANYWAYS, it was a fun episode to record all the same!

Subtlety, thy name is not Gruul

Rival’s Duel host Eric Bonvie joins us, as does rookie staff writer Jonathan Marshall.

Truth be told, I’m not that big an expert on running wild and smashing everything in site so I’m going to hit these tribal elders up for some wisdom that I hope helps you guys out too. We’ll look at Bloodthirst and bloodrush, general Gruul stratedgies (surprisingly more complex than just SMASH), and share some of our favorite Gruul tech.

It’s a new guild format right after the Ib!


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