Dusters 02 – The Play

August 27, 2014

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by Judson AKA GUDoug


Hey look at that I ended up making another Dusters, and in a timely fashion.  Not only that I have several more ideas, and currently Dusters 03 and Dusters 04 are in progress.  So when can you expect Dusters?  Well I am going to try and post weekly so fingers crossed ,and let’s hope that I can keep up with the schedule.  I know that Dusters isn’t anything groundbreaking visually but it does take me a fair amount of time to make, edit, and lay out each panel.  So enjoy “The Play” and don’t forget to follow Dusters on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter…you know, if you want.  It would be very much appreciated and then you will be less likely to miss any Dusters action.



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 Literally the day AFTER we record last week’s show, Wizards goes and gives us probably one of THE most relevant changes to the format to date: The one-sided legend rule, as well as a new rule for Planeswalkers. Both are shaking things up and leading to speculation that the upcoming Fall expert expansion set, Theros, will be a “legends matter” block.


Unfortunately, it’s led to flavor fans getting butt hurt and old, crotchy hipsters to complain that their clones are getting nerfed.


Me? Well if you follow me on twitter (at)Commandercast, you already know how I feel about it, but let’s go ahead and get some second opinions on this, shall we?

As always, shownotes, links, and download link are below.



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By William aka BlueRam

“Arriving home, he suddenly longed for the bloodsoaked battlefields behind him.” -Season’s Beatings

Well, it’s been a crazy year. I started writing the column at the start of the Season Six, around a spring that saw an unfortunately timed storm. Natural disasters, political campaigns, and the printing of Thragtusk, the world saw it all in 2012 (except for the end of it, thank you Mayans).

But we saw the beginning of the new year with our Return to Ravnica, and a plethora of useable cards, especially in Commander. The collectors got new shinies, casuals got cheaper duels, and we all got the early previews for the new Gatecrash set.

Every year’s got it’s good and it’s bad, but they always have an end too. Just like the year, this column’s got an end, which is going to be this one. With what I’ve got planned for the upcoming year, I’m erring on the side of keeping my finger out of too many pies. I might return to the column someday but, for now at least, I’m getting ready to call it quits for the writing gig.

So, to send ya’ll off with an end of the year classic: a fictional narrative about my journey as a planeswalker, and the paths it crossed.

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