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By William aka BlueRam Olivia Voldaren
 “In Rakdos-controlled neighborhoods, everyone is part of the show.”
Welcome boys and girls, to my very own little piece of Commandercast treasure as well as our season finale. I am Olivia Voldaren, and I shall be your host on this evening after the glorious night of All Hallow’s Eve. Oh, I do hope you all enjoyed your sweets. I know I will. <3

Last week, William got a challenge to create a circus-themed Rakdos deck. Of course, I had to persuade him otherwise, and by “persuade”, I mean I asked him to chop an onion for me and the acid blinded him.


I thought they were tacky anyway.

Since he won’t be able to see anything for at least a week, I kindly volunteered my services to pen the article myself. Aren’t I a sweet thing?

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