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Grandpa (Eric)

By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth


All of my articles in February were devoted to multiplayer. The month of March will have a theme as well: design. The design of Magic is a tightly controlled process that includes only the bare minimum amount of people necessary to actually produce a viable product. For a game with a playerbase in the millions, it’s simply amazing that the bulk of the concept work comes from so few people; they really are the shepherds of Magic’s future.


Because only a handful of people work on a particular set during the design phase, the team can achieve a unity of vision and avoid the costly distractions that come from larger groups. However, it also means that some ideas will never be introduced, because they’re not the focus of the few members who are on the team. This month, I’m going to be focusing in on some key principles in game design that are not receiving proper treatment by the team that creates the game.

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