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It’s a show you can listen to with your ears: COMMANDERCAST

A man who has gone deep into the waters of Canadian EDH that I’m known to tread, our guest this week is Matthew. You’ve heard him on the show before, and hopefully you’re already subscribed to his YouTube channel. It’s an awesome resource where you can take a look at Matthew’s sweet decks and also check out some rather entertaining duel play. This week he’s joined us on the line to engage in some hearty discussion and debate over various elements of this ridiculous format we all enjoy so much, and even had the excellent courtesy to bring a huge range of excellent and interesting topics. I have to provide huge props to him for that, and when you’re done listening to these discussions I’m sure you’ll want to as well.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.

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Could this be Mr. MistVeil’s opus? One of the the best yet, we see the birth of the Mistform Nation in this video. Vanilla Voltron commander? Check. Mono-blue beatdown? Check. Swarmyard? Check. You can’t go wrong with this in-depth primer.

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One of the most bizarre new Commanders, Zedruu the Greathearted is tackled here by your main man MistVeil Plains. Instead of the standard take on the Minotaur Monk, we have a ‘policeman’ deck, designed to keep the board nice, even, and under control. It’s part griefing, part group hug, and all confusing. Awesome!

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MistVeil Plains is up in here with a death-defying deck primer on Shirei, Shizo’s Caretaker. Make your little guys go the distance after watching this video!

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We had our first glitch with Crossover Month this week as sadly, something happened and Jack LaCroix was unable to join us for the podcast. However, knowing there was an emergency afoot, I picked up the red Podcast Phone next to my computer, which is a direct line to Chris Lansdell. Within seconds he was prepared to cast. Ladies and gentleman, this guy is the DEFINITION of hustle. I do think he filled the role admirably as well, especially for having only like ten minutes to get ready. Also joining us this week is Matthew, aka MistveilPlains, providing us with his own brand of commentary as he steps out of the YouTube game and into the podcast scene for the first time.

Gifts Given now has an end in sight. Auctions will begin shortly. Baller-ass merchandise will be sold, and monies will end up in the coffers of Child’s Play. In the end, we all win. If you want to help out, you need to put some spring in your step and do it now.

This is also the last podcast in crossover month. To all involved; we win. Thanks for the help. It’s been pretty awesome.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.

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Friday Flashback: October 21

October 21, 2011

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This was another pretty kickass week for Gifts Given. You guys will hear all about it on Monday, and hopefully my wife will bring the camera back from her vacation unbroken so I can record a TERRIBLE video giving away prizes to contributors (warning: prizes may be worth virtually nothing). But the value of the auction lot continues to ascend, and that’s what really matters here. I guess I could give away extravagant prizes to donors, but then why not just auction them to bring up the value of the auction lots?

Anyway, this week was chock-full of Commander goodness. On top of the usual links, we also have another MistVeilPlains video! How awesome is that? (Hint: the answer is ‘pretty awesome’)

In a special note, my man HyphenJones done did it on Twitter with the following newsflash:

Giant Shark is the only common from The Dark that is sold out at SCG.”