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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
As the CommanderCast staff roll grows uncontrollably, I like to try and get everyone on that list to pop onto the show at some point. It gives you an idea of who’s talking to you in articles, videos, or even some perspective on the brother editing your show and such. This week, we have the podcast debut of my man Mightily_Oats aka Mike. Known as an all-around moneymaker, Photoshop boss, and the author of the now-infamous Cooking With Oats series of articles, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Mike’s voice is way better than my own for radio purposes. I’m sure you guys remember that homeless dude everyone was making a big deal out of for his voice. Imagine that, but instead of being homeless he’s a millionaire in a sweet-ass mansion/compound with a golf course held up by helicopters and you’ve got Mike.

I also have William (you know, Mr. Savor That Commander Flavor) providing the voice of the flavour nerds, Sean giving us the alcohol nerd perspective, and myself holding things down for all the nerds with nothing better to do than talk into a microphone and distribute it out there. The four of us internet fist-bump before delving further into the audioscape adventure of CommanderCast to discuss the value of EDH as a hobby, being the influential lame duck in a game, and then some matching pairs of generals and non-Legend cards.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.

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