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Greetings everyone!  On this week’s Dusters Max finds out he may be trying a little too hard.  As always I hope you enjoy this week’s Dusters and feel free to follow on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter if you so choose.

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378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nNo foreplay today, guys. No teasing lead-ins, no easter egg-ridden scenarios, no cute little narratives. We all know what day it is, so I’m just going to get it over with.

It’s time to do this thing. It’s time to defend Omniscience.


You f^#%er's in the comments are finally gonna get what you asked for.

You f^#%er’s in the comments are finally gonna get what you asked for.

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“But Farmer Hogget knew that little ideas…that tickled and nagged and refused to go away…should never be ignored…for in them, lie the seeds of destiny.”
-Babe (1995)

Warning: Exceptionally long narrative ahead.

Magic cards are funny things. Grab any two and they can cause a spark of the imagination. Fan that spark a little and it grows. Fan that flame enough and it could grow out of control into a full-fledged wild fire. This is what we call, “inspiration and enlightenment”.

While I once shared a story about how Baroness Teysa, Orzhov Scion convinced me to grant her an army of the undead, her power came from a long line of decisions and experiences that almost became its own legacy. Not all such stories start from such a long time ago, and not all stories feature the same trials. They may not even share the same setting. But the more things are different, the more the stay the same.

This is one such story. It’s the story of how a certain wizard inspired me to give a controversial enchantment another look. She wasn’t strong, but she was powerful. Her wisdom and vast wealth of knowledge would lead to one of my greatest endeavors ever…

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