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Format Notes: Pauper decks are 99 cards and a general.  Peasant decks are 94 commons, 5 uncommons and a general.  See and  Additionally, the best Pauper reference site I have found by far is That’s a significant community they’ve got going over there, and their FAQ page is golden.  Peasant, though, is a much less charted territory, with this thread on the EDH forums leading the charge:

For the final installment of our Pauper Vacation Guide, we will identify some cards in each color have reached Pauper “format staple” status.  Defining “Format Staple” is always a slippery slope, so for our purposes a staple is a card that has performed well enough and consistently enough in multiple decks to cause our group to strongly consider playing it in any on-color deck.  As for Peasant, it’s pretty easy to come up with the bomb uncommons that thrive in Commander (Sol Ring, Lightning Greaves, or Maze of Ith, anyone?), but for the most part, the uncommons that end up in Peasant decks are usually extremely specific to that deck in order to expand on some theme presented by the commons.  Translation: we’re only gonna discuss commons in the article.

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