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Hello, my name is William and I’m a big fan of both DailyMTG’s Savor The Flavor column, as well as its former columnist, Doug Beyer. Yup, I’m a Vorthos through and through.

As you can imagine, I was pretty disappointed when Doug packed it in to focus on creating the cards we love so much. I had just started reading his articles as Innistrad was being previewed, so in terms of actually getting to enjoy his column I’ve had limited exposure. However, what little I’ve read has been wonderful, informing me about the flavors of magic, its many worlds, and just why people were suddenly clamoring for an ‘eyeball stat’. I know that Savor The Flavor will be back under a new writer, but you never really forget the first magic writer that hooked you into column reading.

So out of respect for what Doug’s done, I’m naming this column “Savor That Commander Flavor”. I can only hope that my writing is as successful as his was.

But enough fan gushing, let’s talk Commander.

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