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Finally! The boys have come BACK to And this time they come bearing an all new episode. This week our Coastal Commanders  Dan, Greg, and Carl tackle power creep in your play group, go over their personal methods for deck building in a Deck Doctor’s Medical School segment, and share their favorite picks from  Conspiracy:Take the Crown.



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Grandpa (Eric)

By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth


When designing a game, there are a number of adjustable variables you have to consider. The exact values you choose to assign these variables ultimately influence how the game plays out and which strategies will be deemed “good/strong” or “bad/weak.” The most clear-cut example within Magic happens at the individual card level.


When designing a creature card, you have to assign it several of these variables, such as: mana cost, power, toughness, creature type, etc. What you choose for each of these values plays a part in determining how strong that card is relative to other comparables, which determines how often it gets used in top decks. The strength of those comparable cards determines how strong the strategic play of using creatures is.


Whether or not the threats are strong relative to the answers in a format ultimately determines the shape of the best deck in that environment, thereby influencing what people play. There’s an incredible amount of weight hanging on what seems like such a small decision, but the adjustable variables in card design are the key to shaping Magic’s metagame environments.

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