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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 311! This week, in celebration of Magic reaching 25 years of age, Mark and Adam are going over some of the cards they enjoy starting from Alpha reaching to Alliance.


So pull up your rocking chairs and click the IB!!!


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By Brionne
About a year ago, during my many hours spent online, I found one of the best-kept secrets on MTGS — the Make a Proxy Thread.  Those of you who have read my previous articles will recall my mentioning this thread on several occasions.  You’re about to find out why.

The MaP thread isn’t in the artwork forum.  Instead, this gem is hidden away in the Cube forum.  Like us, cube players know the drive to have the most aesthetically pleasing stack of cardboard money can buy.  Maybe that’s why the thread is located in that section of the forums.  Also because they play with Power 9, and Library of Alexandria and such.

I was attracted to the thread because of the amazing Photoshop skills on display there.  After seeing such fantastic work, there was only one thing to do.  I had to get some of these proxies on paper.  Sure, I already owned most of the cards, but the proxies were much more beautiful than the real thing.  I started out small, with some tokens.  I read through page after page, trying to find the best method.  I watched countless videos.  The cheapest method I could find at the time was the transparency method.  It involved blanking foils with acetone and gluing down proxies (printed backward, which was an adventure all on its own) onto transparency sheets.  The adhesive spray I used got everywhere.  I eventually learned to cover every nearby surface with plastic bags, but not before I had coated my keyboard and mouse in a nice, sticky coat.  After much more trial and error, I was left with some pretty cool tokens.
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