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by Judson AKA GUDoug


If you have been crazy enough to endure trudging through most of my articles you probably know I usually march to the beat of my own melodica player (seriously who needs drums when there are breath powered keyboards around).  I’ve made a lot of odd choices in my thematic decks  like building them around a Rush song, a Coen Brother’s movie, old people,  and things riding things but this time I may have officially stamped my hand insane.  Deck restrictions and thematic deck talk has been well covered thus far on CommanderCast (like Here and Here to show a few) so I don’t think I really need to try and convince you why people build them, enjoy playing them, and are consistently coming up with new ones.  I have been playing a lot of EDH on Magic Online, MTGO, lately and I’m constantly running into people who profess to be playing this theme deck or that theme deck, most recently a deck that only used promo cards.  So without further ado I present to you my article about the lamest thematic restriction deck ever…which in turn may make this the lamest article ever. Read the rest of this entry »