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Howdy, Commandercast faithful! Calvin and I are back for the second part to our Gatecrash review! I actually liked how our first parter went, so it’s a shame that this one was recorded first. But don’t worry! Eric and Chris join us to tell me why I’m delusional about some of these cards and tag team to give me a horrible swirly.

Today, we discuss the most aggressive guilds of Ravnica, Boros and Gruul! Plenty of these cards are exactly the kind of thing that get Calvin and I going when it comes to playing dudes and smashing. But which ones make the cut and which ones just disappeared over the past year?

Remember that this week also kicks off the second half of our rotating schedule of column content! Be sure to check back Tues-Fri for more articles and other awesome postings!


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Hey folks, it’s been a while! William here, and I’m back with a shiny new computer that won’t crap out on me like my tired old laptop. Naturally, a new profile picture was needed to fit the “newness” that’s going on around here, but we’ll get into that in today’s episode.

In fact, we’ve got a ton of stuff to catch-up on. So much so that we kinda broke the segments and just recorded a conglomerate of topics together. Sorry about that. We’ll be back to form next week, hopefully with a new theme song too!

On today’s overloaded plate, we actually take some time to remember and talk about the tragic events of 12 years ago regarding 9/11 (as I feel it’s important to talk about something that touched absolutely everyone in one way or another).

But we’ll also get back to some light hearted stuff by touching on our thoughts regarding Theros, and lead into the prime attraction for today’s feature: The Return to Ravnica review!

(One of my favorite things to look up with “Return to Ravnica” in the search engine. Credit to whoever did this.)

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