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By ANDY aka GHoooSTS
A wise man once spoke in the value of using restrictions while building decks. This guy did too. Well, it seems lots of people do so. I would sincerely hope that people have started to explore using restrictions in deckbuilding, not just because it’s fun but because without them, building EDH decks is actually kind of boring.

In fact, our own Brionne seems to struggle with keeping decks restricted and casual. As one of the few certified lady-bosses of the Internet MtG Commander game, seeing this I knew the problem had to be worse than I’d imagined. I still get emails pretty frequently asking, “Andy, I want to build a new deck but I don’t really have any ideas. Can you help me?”

Problem 1: Asking me for deckbuilding help. Here is a directory of people who can provide you with real ideas, instead of “yo lands+spellz homie” Read the rest of this entry »