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by Judson AKA GUDoug

GUDougWhy bury the lead?  You got eyes and can read titles.  I have built another theme deck and this time I used a song, but not just any song.  A 20 plus minute masterpiece of a song called 2112 by a little band from Canada called Rush.  So you might be asking yourself, “Can you build an EDH deck based on a song?”  I sure hope so as this entire article is about just that and if it doesn’t pan out you are in a bumpy awkward ride.   Here is to not flaming out, crashing and burning into a giant smoldering pile of underused cards, various sided dice, tri-corner hats, and dreams.  I hope you are interested in reading about a theme deck based a song by a Canadian Band because we are about to leave the station on a little trip to Megadon in 2112 under the rule of the Solar Federation and the Priests of the Temple of Syrinx.

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