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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 379! This week Mark and Adam are taking a look at the last of the new Brawl decks and going over it’s potential in being used for Commander decksBut first, they guys are going over the possible death of one of Magic’s oldest formats, Legacy.

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By Dodo Bird Commander writer Josh Jurgensen

Howdy, readers! If your summer has been anything like mine has been, it’s flown by far too quickly. We had a bunch of great gems come our way in Origins and that’s a problem – because now I need to make seemingly-impossible cuts to my decks.  To add to the frustration, we’ve just got our first sneak peek into Battle for Zendikar – and I’m worried that it might completely upend my beloved Karn deck. Speaking of artifact-y goodness, I got an underutilized, overlooked classic for us to talk about this week:


SFE 4 title


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