This entry is part 11 of 23 in the series Savor That Commander Flavor

By William aka BlueRam

 “Don’t laugh. It works.”
-Armadillo Cloak

When you listen to Commandercast long enough, you start to hear about cards you’ve never played before. When you hear a few you like, you start putting them into your deck. When you starting putting them into your deck, other people start to see them. When people start to see them, sometimes they make fun of you. When people make fun of you, you start beating them over the head with their own chair. When you beat people with a chair, you go to jail. When you go to jail, you meet a man named John who wants ‘to pass you around like currency’.

Don’t let a guy named John pass you around like currency. Don’t cave to those who tease you who tease you about secret tech. Show them what’s what by showcasing the power of those cards in the best way possible.

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