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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 336! This week, Adam is away  so  Mark has another guest on the show, Mike. This week they go over an article that was written by Sheldon Menery and let just say the guys had a few disagreements with it. Plus some… interesting things about a certain pro player that forces me to remind you that the opinions expressed on this podcast do not reflect the views and opinions of, it contributors, and are here as a form of entertainment.

So pull up your rocking chairs and click the IB!!!








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Posted by William & Calvin

Show notes here that I will add later….like right now.

We’re here at the season finale! The show’s have been going great, and Gift’s Given 2013 is over. You had your chance to donate, and now someone who isn’t you has a chance to win some serious merch. Unless you DID donate, in which case we congratulate you and hopefully you’ll be receiving some sweet merch soon!

Until then, you’ve got one last episode of Commandercast, and this one’s a doozy! We’ve got a very special guest with us today, and he’s one of the best known characters in the EDH/MTG community: Sheldon Menery.

“You sure you wanna appeal that ruling?”

Sheldon is the man who is single handily responsible for the planting and budding of EDH as a format, having played and demoed it across the country at various high profile tournaments. He’s also a member of the Commander Rules Committee, that not-so-mysterious group of ascetics who drop the ban hammer every three months or so when something starts to seriously warp the format.

We’ll grill him on the ins and outs of certain bannings with questions straight from you listeners!

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, Calvin’s “ramped up” the transitions for this particular show. Let us know what you think!

(Improved) show notes after the Ib!



Shownotes after the Ib

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