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Grandpa (Eric)

By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth


These days, the positive effects of nostalgia seem to be at an all time high. TV shows that we watched as children are receiving big budget movie franchises, Netflix exclusive series, and massive merchandising deals. For some reason, awesome properties from the 80s and 90s went out of style. Then some hack in a board room decides it’s time for us to love it again. Maybe the hack is a crowdfunding campaign, but that’s not the point. Old stuff is cool. But you know what’s cooler than old stuff? Stuff that’s so cool… it never went away. That’s a lot of setup for a title pun about Sesame Street.


Today I’m talking about shuffling techniques and how you can improve your Magic experience through better shuffling. Now, if you play “in the real” shuffling is a chore and it eats up a lot of time. It can even affect your win percentage if you don’t do it well/enough. It leads to mana screw and cheaters in equal measure. If you play online all the time, like your old Grandpa, you’ve probably forgotten just how much of a pain shuffling can be. In fact, I might have forgotten how to shuffle at all. Conceptually, I remember, but having not done it in a year or two, I can’t know for sure that the old ways still work. Arthritis might have finally gotten to me.

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