This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Commanding the Fallen
By Gibson aka KaipaLin

Hey there! Welcome back to our lofty peak, from whence we gaze upon the fifth and final Fallen, the Ink-Treader Nephilim. This guy/gal/Lovecraftian-tentacle-horror has been making some big-time splashes as the head of my very own Nephilim deck- which, I suppose, is to be expected, given all that ink it’s treading through.
As you may have already realized, the Ink-Treader falls in a weird place for an EDH general- namely, it’s not actually legendary. Thank goodness, then, that we’re playing a casual format where rules are mutable and based on consensus decisions of the local players! The shadowy cabal of the Rules Committee notwithstanding, the final arbiters will always be the people across the table, so the first rule of playing with a Nephilim is that your opponents agree to your shenanigans. “And how might I engender such agreement,” you ask? Well, why not:
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