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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 445! This week Mark and Adam are getting nuts as then start preparing for the on coming season of Squirrel deck charging forward with Modern Horizons 2! With so much support in the form of new Legendary Squirrels, Lord cards that might get nutty, and enchantments this summer temperatures are going to be high outside and indoors as your blood rises from how many rodents can fit in your opponents decks! But first, we have an upcoming event we really need to talk about with you before tickets are all gone. If you have the time to make it out please support the community and enjoy this event coming in September. Then things get wrapped up with a look at a few of the cards from the new set we feel are going to have the biggest impact on the format when they’re released into the wild.


All that, plus our usual interstitial fodder, and all you have to do is Click the IB!!!


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by Billy


So, how about that Arena update? It’s really a whole new game, and I think this is the perfect time to talk about everyone’s favorite elven guerrillas! I’ve been having some success by mixing gold weathers and movement abilities like Dwarven Mercenary and Vrihedd Brigade to keep my opponents’ units spread out and taking maximum damage each turn. I run Francesca as my leader as well as a little bit of a swap engine for extra consistency.


Oh, wait. Wrong game. Where am I again? Where is all this chittering coming from? Oh no. . . OH NO!


Hello, and welcome back to an all new Notions of Horde. I fell off the Magic train for a while, but am now back with a vengeance. Or at least some squirrels. Now, this Squirrel Horde has been on my list for quite some time, but I kept running into two issues. First, there aren’t nearly as many squirrels in the card pool as I would normally like when building a horde. Secondly, I kept telling myself that I was going to commission custom art proxies from an artist buddy of mine for a few of the key non-squirrel cards, in order to make them more squirrely. Well, custom art is time and money intensive, and Unstable took me by surprise, so I wasn’t ready. That said, lack of preparedness has never stopped me before, so let’s dive into the list!

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