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Hey there everybody! William here, and I’m sooo glad that Calvin could put in the extra hours to make sure this weeks episode was edited in time to make this work! Why, you might ask? Because this week, we’ve got Bennie Smith from Star City Games on with us, and he’s on to help us talk about and analyze the brand-spanking new Commander 2013 decks!

These bad boys are a lot more streamlined and focused than their 2011 counterparts, so we’re going to dive in and see if we can’t uncover the strategies and synergies/interactions that these decks have hidden away. I, for one, am very excited to be playing Derevi in less than a week’s time. I’ve been obsessively studying the list, and I seem to have stumbled upon some very interesting interactions for not just Derevi, but the other generals as well.

We’ll be touching “briefly” on how new sets and expansion products affect not just standard or legacy, but Commander as well. But let’s face it, you just want to hear us talk about the new cards, so we’ll be talking about the individual cards for our technology segment.

And don’t forget! Gifts Given 2013 is in full-swing! Donate to the children, get sweet prizes! This is definitely something worth doing, no?



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