SwordsToPlow aka Sean Tryhard Patchen

Happy Holidays

Welcome to a very special weekend update. We didn’t want to interrupt your usual useful content with something like this.  It has been proven people are less likely to complain when new material doesn’t interfere with their normal schedule.  As a thanks to you, the faithful CommanderCast audience and as a avenue for self promotion for myself, I bring you something new to listen too.

I would like to introduce the new Commander podcast on the block, Serious Tryhard Podcast. STP takes a drastically different approach to the Commander podcasting format. STP has one host and one editor who will occasionally chime in.  The casts are short and far from sweet.  Settling in with episodes only 20 minutes in length, this is the sitcom of the Commander world.

STP focusing almost entirely on either on satirical rants or on technology segments.  OCC and Commandercast cover social issues in the format, while STP has decided to focus on making a better decks.  You can see the latest episodes every week starting the beginning of 2013 at Read the rest of this entry »